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Victory Day

We paid the price with years of hard work and sweat. We won hearts. Victory was rightfully deserved.


We're passionate about food - the tradition of it, cooking it, and sharing it.


Days are celebrated while nights are simply revolutionary.


Spreading love through fire is a rare opportunity that only comes on Diwali. So we spill the light of our spirits to set the lanterns ablaze.


We let you bend the rules of creativity, because art is best when it's unconventional.


We love Holi and we love it splashy; there's no such thing as too much color!

El Ruido

Sometimes it's best to let the rackets do the talking.


We may be friends; but on the field, we only speak with kicks and tackles.

My Story

We believe every life has an untold lesson, so we set a platform for sharing them.

Stories Unfold

6 revolutionaries and their inspiring life stories, with a performing artist to set the mood. How good, you ask? Perfect.

Valentine's Day

Some lovebirds need a slight push. So we let letters play the cupid and reveal the anonymous!


To make a trend of culture and traditions, we make them synonymous to fun.

Student Editors

Sajna Shakira K
Mohammed Riyas A K
Jimson John Varghese
Kadeejath Thahdira E R
Mohammed Azeem Waheed
Haleemath Ath Hara Fuzaila
Shamshad C
Vismaya V

Union Members

Nishanth Augastine

Union Advisor

Sanu Chandramohan

Arts Advisor



Nandithshyam KT


Nafeesath Marwa NK

Vice Chairperson

Lazima Shirin

Joint Secretary

Althaf Hassan

Fine Arts Secretary

Rafih PM

Sports Captain

Rishad M

Magazine Editor

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UDSF LBS Unit Members